Our world is jargon and acronym heavy, we try to avoid it as far as possible but when it comes to technology you can't escape. 

We partner with several best of breed infrastructure partners:

Dyn – Dyn is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) company, powering Managed DNS, Global Load Balancing & Email Delivery for startups, small businesses and Web enterprises.

fastly – cache any content you can serve and purge at the speed of light. fastly is the next generation content distribution network serving over 2 billion page requests per day and enabling companies to scale platforms faster than ever.

Edgecast – Delivering any data, anywhere, anytime, EdgeCast is the world's fastest and most reliable content delivery network.

Dediserve – Dediserve delivers a low cost, infrastructure as a service (IAAS) cloud platform for secure, compliant IT services and applications.

Catchpoint – Catchpoint offers an application performance-monitoring platform designed for today’s complex, dynamic and distributed IT infrastructure.

We use a number of key technologies in our operations and have significant expertise in all of these areas:

  • Linux (primarily Redhat & Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Xen (virtulisation)
  • PHP (a programming language developed for the web)
  • Ruby-on-Rails (a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications)
  • Python (an object oriented programming language)
  • XHTML (a reformulation of HTML that is easier to check for validity)
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets - a better presentation layer for the web)
  • XML (a way to interchange and validate data sets)
  • MySQL (an extremely fast and efficient database engine)