Technical Consultancy

Bespoke Software Development:

Incutio provides bespoke software development for problems that can be solved through Web based applications, many of these projects are to improve business throughput and process and eliminate duplication of effort, thereby improving efficiency. We specialize (specialize) in PHP, Ruby-on-Rails, XHTML and CSS with MySQL Databases. The era of feature-heavy, fully-loaded software has gone and the days of slick, elegant bespoke applications are here and within everybody's reach. 

Internet Infrastructure: Hosting, Virtualization, Content Delivery, Managed DNS, Email Delivery, Monitoring

Incutio provides a wide range of Internet Infrastructure experience and knowledge to share with our customers. Catering from small businesses to large organisations (organizations), we’ve been there and done that and can help your fast growth organization scale online and meet the traffic demands of your users and customers. Our Enterprise-level hosting environment is key to the success of many of our business partners and customers. Speed and performance is king on today’s Internet

Performance Audit:

There are many layers involved in a web application that can affect positive or negative performance of your online offerings. Incutio can provide a performance audit to ensure your delivering an entirely optimized experience to your customers. This can affect search rank, conversion and revenue and is something that all businesses operating on the Web should take seriously.

System Migration:

Incutio can provide specialist migrations and migration support to organisations (organizations) looking to move web-based applications and architectures into or between Data Centres (data centers) for consolidation, expansion or to avoid costly vendor lock-in. This can be an intimidating process, but with best of breed technology partners and staff, Incutio can lesson the burden.

Source Code Management:

Fast scaling systems sometimes can turn into code messes. Incutio can do a software code audit and help introduce a source code management strategy via SVN. We ensure that your website or application is optimized for clean upgrades and premium performance. We can help your company establish this level of control and with a bit of patience and discipline.