Incutio Strategic Advising & Investment

The following list is a compilation of the corporations and technology oriented non-profits that Incutio’s board and leadership is strategically engaged:

Trendslide is a mobile business intelligence solution designed to bring you the most important trends in the palm of your hand. Business is no longer tied to your desk. Trendslide allows you the insight to make smarter, more efficient decisions to help your business achieve results. There is no large software installation to roll-out or specialized IT resources needed, with existing support for your data sources trendslide easily integrates with your business information, with no hassle. A subscription based application built upon the iPhone and iPad; trendslide is the insight platform to help you do more.

mdgretail operates a range of online stores in a range of niche industries. As it expands into fast moving consumer goods, Incutio are enabling the business to scale their infrastructure and marketing to meet the business growth requirements.

Dyn is the world leader in Internet Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), powering managed DNS and Email Delivery services for the enterprise class in addition to small business and personal users.
Founder/CEO/Chief Revenue Officer/Director

Bought Online operates a portfolio of Ecommerce sites for life-changing events including weddings and children's websites.

Mosaic is the complete solution for serious photographers to manage, access, sync, and safely store their images both online and locally.
Investor/Board of Directors

Objective Logistics is an venture-backed software company that provides an on-demand (SaaS) platform for the retail/restaurant verticals focused on labor optimization, game layers, big data warehousing and data analytics.

The abi Innovation Hub is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that aims to attract, mentor and foster growth and success of technology start-ups and innovative companies. Providing affordable office space and shared administrative and technological services and resources, creating a supportive entrepreneurial environment that stimulates the growth of businesses, ensures economic vitality for the community and encourages job creation.
Chairman/President of the Board (non-profit)

1band 1brand is a free, subscription-based digital platform that introduces emerging, independent musicians and fashion labels to influential young adults who want to stay connected by encouraging them to hear, wear and share.

Catchpoint offers a superior Application Performance Monitoring service that combines synthetic, end user, and internal monitoring into a single solution to provide in real-time a complete view into the performance and health of online services. We provide a sophisticated but yet easy to use - performance analytics solution for the IT team.
Board of Advisors