If you're reading this page, your site has probably been visited by Incutio's link crawling robot. This bot is part of our content management system, Fabric, and reports the user agent:

IncutioBot/xx (

(where xx is an alpha-numeric version number)


The bot is part of the link checking component in the CMS. At semi-regular intervals it will crawl Fabric-run sites looking for external sites, and it will then check these external links to ensure they still exist. A report is then sent to the site administrator so that any 'broken' links can be investigated and updated as appropriate.

Technical details

  • The bot will only hit pages directly linked from a Fabric run site, following redirects where appropriate. It will not crawl your site.
  • The bot will first make a HEAD request to check the validity of the link. If this fails, it will follow up with a GET request to the same URL.

If you feel the bot is hitting your site too frequently, please get in touch so we can investigate.