Fileinfo detecting .docx files as zip files

Posted 13th October 2009

Issues with Fileinfo detecting Word documents as zip files.

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Measuring the benefits of a CDN

Posted 19th June 2009

Recently Google have announced a new initiative to improve website loading speeds. We work tirelessly to optimise our solutions to take advantage of the latest technologies that can help reduce page load time.

One of the most recent innovations of the last year has been the opening up of Content Distribution Networks to smaller content providers. Previously CDNs such as Akamai were only available to those customers with deep-pockets but new offerings from Amazon Web Services and the Rackspace Cloud in conjunction with LimeLight Networks have created pay-as-you-go, on-demand services to improve the performance and scalability of your website.

This article examines our integration of the Rackspace Cloud CDN (CloudFiles) when migrating non-html assets such as images into the CDN and the results that we have experienced.

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incutio re-brand

Posted 15th June 2009

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