Live Free and Start: Being a Part of NH's Startup Ecosystem


We had a fantastic time at ABI Innovation Hub's 'Live Free and Start' Party at Arms Park. It's definitely time to celebrate entrepreneurship in New Hampshire and last night certainly did the Granite State's startup scene justice. The park was packed, delicious food was being served, drinks were flowing, live music was blasting and you could feel the passion in the air.

The event's keynote speaker was Noah Everett, the 27-year-old founder of TwitPic, a website that allows users to easily post pictures to Twitter. Noah talked about launching this 'bootstrapped' company (he never took any investment money) in 2008. TwitPic is made up of 5 employees including Noah's Mom and Dad. The company is located in Charleston, SC, also a small city trying to make a big splash.

When explaining his philosophy on hiring startup talent, Noah talked about attitude being everything. To quote him, 'attitude over experience and experience over education.' This line stuck out to us. Keeping a positive attitude amidst the stress of a startup is an amazing quality to have.

When asked about how he finally knew TwitPic was a success, Noah told the story of US Airways Flight 1549. The plane was ditched in the Hudson River after takeoff. A passenger on one of the ferries that rushed to help took a picture of the plane as passengers were evacuating and tweeted it via TwitPic before traditional media had arrived. Needless to say, the picture went viral. This was not only a turning point for TwitPic, but also for mainstream media.

Kyle York, ABI Innovation Hub Chairman (and Incutio Board Member) also addressed the crowd. As many are already aware, he is extremely passionate about building a successful startup ecosystem in New Hampshire. He encouraged the audience, 'Don't sit back on the sidelines and wait for this ecosystem to form and thrive. Be a part of it from the ground up.'

Just like our mantra, 'Be Inspired,' we're inspired again and again by the passion of entrepreneurship in New Hampshire and we're proud to play a role.

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Alyssa Buckley
15:13, 25/05/2012
Great event last night! Got a chance to chat with an Incutio team member & learn what it's all about. Very excited to watch it grow in Manchester, NH. Good stuff happening - Way to go!
21:06, 25/05/2012
Great post! We're also thrilled to be a part of the startup ecosystem in New Hampshire and loved the "Live Free and Start" Party at Arms! Great job to everyone that put it on and looking forward to seeing continued startup growth around NH.

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