Trendslide Joins the Incutio Family - The Latest 'Growth Engine Discovery'


Startup Creates Industry Leading Advisor Board, Brings on Co-Founders Full-Time

When Cory von Wallenstein, Chief Product Officer at Dyn saw a need in his day job for a mobile business intelligence (BI) tool for analytics on the go, he decided to do something about it.

von Wallenstein did what any proper entrepreneur would do. He assembled a team, funded the project and helped guide it’s early product direction—all on the side while leading a fast growing engineering powerhouse in Dyn.

Trendslide started gaining some unexpected early traction and von Wallenstein wondered aloud what to do next. As the product worked its way through the Alpha stage, it slowly started to gain a blog following, an Alpha sign-up queue, and interest from traditional outside investors. It was welcomed and excitable attention, but it also lead to questions around how to actually capitalize and make it real, given it was playing on two super hot trends: mobile and business analytics.

Over a Sunday coffee session to discuss the project with Incutio Board Members and Dyn executives, Jeremy Hitchcock and Kyle York, it was decided that they would make the formal connection over the pond to Incutio Managing Director, Andy Piggott, to help fund and incubate the idea, turning the mobile BI world on its head. Unorthodox and disruptive is always the only choice when it comes to being a ‘Growth Engine Discovery'—and trendslide fits the bill.

With two Co-Founders, Jeffrey Vocell, formerly in product management for Draeger, and Ben Petrin, formerly a software engineer for Brightcove, and four experienced Advisor Board Members already engaged in Ryan Burke, SVP, Sales from Compete, Eric Hansen, CEO/Founder from SiteSpect, Richard Terry-Lloyd, VP, Sales, Emerging Markets from Zuora and Evan York, Senior Product Manager from DataXu, the team couldn’t be more excited to launch a startup through the Incutio growth engine. 

To learn more about trendslide, express interest in joining the team in Manchester, NH, or to sign-up for the Alpha, visit or find us on Twitter at @trendslide.

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