New Sales Team will Oversee US Growth


MANCHESTER, NH (January 6, 2012) - Incutio, 'A Growth Engine Company' focused on helping clients scale their web businesses through innovative SaaS solutions, consulting services, strategic advising and investment, is proud to announce the presence of a new US sales team made up of two new hires.

Dan Ohlson, Sales Manager, comes from EMC where he spent the last 5 years selling in non-traditional roles. Dan spearheaded partner growth to over 20 million in revenue in just 3 years and then was asked to move to Toronto to lead the charge in growing a new market segment in Canada. Throughout his endeavors at EMC, Dan gained a solid foundation in new client acquisition, investment analysis to support growth, consultative and financial selling and sales management. Dan will receive his MBA from UNH within the next couple of months. As Incutio's new Sales Manager, Dan will direct and oversee US sales and business development.

Lindsay Snow, Sales Representative, recently graduated from Saint Anselm College in 2008 and went on to work for Seaboard International Forest Products as a wholesale commodities broker. From there, she worked as an outside sales rep for Owens Corning before connecting with Incutio. Lindsay will be working with prospective clients in the US office.

'The expansion of our team further strengthens our growing company,' said Andy Piggott, Managing Director. 'Dan and Lindsay's understanding of sales and business development will be a huge asset for Incutio.'

About Incutio: Incutio is 'A Growth Engine Company' focused on helping clients scale their Web businesses through innovative SaaS solutions, consulting services, strategic advising and investment. Incutio is best known for its expertise in content management, eCommerce, email marketing, search engine marketing, Internet infrastructure and enterprise sales. Be Inspired. Visit for more information.

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Cheryl Lucia
19:55, 23/01/2012
These additions to the Incutio team will hopefully only continue to strengthen the growth of the company as a whole. Perhaps new eyes can help focus on necessary amenities such as the fact that most SaaS providers are lacking when it comes to a disaster recovery plan. Loss of data is not good for business and most businesses will insist on a recovery strategy that they have some control over. This unfortunately became all to clear following the Amazon fiasco last year.

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