Incutio was formed in 2001 by Andy Piggott with the vision of tackling the development of web-based business oriented tools, which later became known as Software as a Service (SaaS). The company quickly identified a gap in the market to use its existing business framework (fabric) as a content management solution that quickly was adopted by a significant number of higher education and private sector clients across the UK and Europe.

Over the next few years, Incutio became an incubator of hot technology, it was the first company to integrate with Amazon Web Services (just 6 hours after they announced it), wrote a number of widely used open-source scripts (many of which are still in use today in products such as WordPress), won the Shell LiveWire Young Entrepreneurs Award for North East Wales, UK and built a highly capable team of software engineers developing bespoke applications for a wide range of customers.

In 2005, Incutio was dabbling with Ruby on Rails, a relatively new software framework and thinking about how it could be used to solve some of the problems it was experiencing in eCommerce. It was nearly 4 years until the first salesonrails sites were revealed to a range of customers who needed a better solution, a product engineered to be delivered as a service, but with the flexibility to have bespoke (custom) development undertaken.

Along the way Incutio developed immense experience and turned to consulting clients in areas of search engine marketing, website performance optimisation (optimization) and robust Internet infrastructure deployments. 

Most recently, as the demands of clients continued to rise, the company turned to enterprise grade infrastructure partners like Dyn, Edgecast, Catchpoint, Dediserve and others to provide best of breed back-end systems for maximum delivery of its SaaS solutions. With optimal search rank and eCommerce revenue success as guiding principles, Incutio forged onward to meet its current position as “A Growth Engine Company”.

Incutio’s friends from Dyn, Jeremy Hitchcock and Kyle York, introduced us to the team from Carrier Pigeon to help scale their application through technology and human capital. Both Hitchcock and York joined the Incutio Board of Directors around the same time. In September of 2012, Dyn acquired the SEO/SEM and ecommerce development arm of Incutio LTD and Piggott became a Board Member and VP, Ecommerce & Marketing at Dyn.

Today, Incutio is “A Growth Engine Company” based out of the US and UK, focused on helping clients scale their Web businesses through innovative SaaS solutions, consulting services, strategic advising and investment. Incutio is best known for its expertise in content management, eCommerce, email marketing, search engine marketing, Internet infrastructure and enterprise sales. Current SaaS projects Incutio is incubating are Carrier Pigeon email marketing platform, trendslide mobile dashboard, & eCommerce platform salesonrails.

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